• Ruby Application Development

    Since 2006, Ruby developers at Altoros have been helping software companies and start-ups to deliver applications faster and at a lower cost. Over the years, we have matured into one of the the most professional Ruby development teams in the world!

Our Services

Ruby application development (1.8.7 / 1.9.x / 2.x, Rails, Sinatra, Padrino)

Building Web API with Ruby

Ruby application architecture re-design and improvementy

Porting Web applications to Ruby-based frameworks

Why Altoros's Ruby Team

Altoros’s Ruby teams were founded in 2006 and now consist of more than 50 Ruby developers

91.5% of the team members are Mid- and Senior-level Software Engineers

Team Leads are Certified ScrumMasters

The teams use mature software development life-cycle and QA procedures, test-driven development (TDD), etc.

Technology Expertise

Back-end Ruby on Rails 3+, Ruby 1.8.5+, 1.9+, Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8+
Front-end Bootstrap, TypeScript, Spine.js, CoffeeScript, HTML5+CSS3
Databases PostgreeSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB,Cassandra, Redis
Development tools Sublime Text, TeamCity, New Relic, Jenkins Cl, GitHub, Vim
Testing Selenium, Capybara, Rspec, PhantomJS, Jenkins, Cucumber
Cloud technologies OpenStack, Google Cloud Platform, CloudStack, Cloud Foundry, Amazon AWS, RightScale
Collaboration Targetprocess, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, Confluence, Basecamp, Trello

*If you haven't found the expertise you need, please inquire about it via the contact form, e-mail, or a phone call.

Recent Ruby Projects

Customer Testimonials

“We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using cutting edge technologies. Again, great job!”

Christopher Adorna


“We are indeed quite pleased with the partnership we’ve built with Altoros.”

Paul Lothridge


“We look at Altoros as an extended development team with advanced business skills that can be reused in our new projects.”

Thomas Hamm


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Elena Travkina

Software Architect, Head of Ruby Development

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Altoros is headquartered in California, USA and has offices in nine locations (Massachusetts, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Argentina, and Eastern Europe) to stay closer to our customers.

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